Chinese Wedding Jacket
by Mid-Pacific Institute Museum Studies
on Sketchfab

Marriage customs and traditions vary significantly across the globe. In feudal Chinese society – during the Qin (221 BC – 206 BC) and Qing (1644 – 1911) Dynasties, a marriage was decided not by a young couple’s love, but by their parents’ desires. Only after the matchmaker’s introduction and when parents considered the two family conditions were similar then could the couple be matched.

Traditionally, both men and women wore wedding dresses. The design was usually made of gold and silver on a black silk dress. It would be embroidered by a skilled craftsman who would put embroiders of dragons and phoenix designs. The dragon, a symbol of power and the phoenix, a symbol of solitude, connected to symbolize the balance of male and female power. Red-gold, silver, white, and gold are most commonly used on wedding dresses, showing love, prosperity, and a perfect future. There would not be any blue or grey threads because it reflects a sorrow to their future marriage.