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This project is generously supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy—Los Angeles, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office—Honolulu & Los Angeles, and Aston Hotels and Resorts.


Guest Curator: Dr. Robin Ruizendaal, Lin Liu-Hsin Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Lynne Najita & Dr. Michael Schuster
Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company

“A World of Chinese Puppets from the Lin Liu-Hsin Museum, Taiwan” is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of Chinese and Taiwanese puppet theatre ever presented in the U.S.  The exhibition features over 100 unique Chinese puppet theatre artifacts from Taiwan and mainland China, which have never been shown here.  The exhibition’s opening days are enriched by performances—including live music—by a professional 5-member ensemble from the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company.

The exhibition includes the four principle types of puppets—shadow, rod, glove, and string (marionette) puppets—as well as stages, scripts, musical instruments, photos, and video clips from several regions of China and Taiwan. The guest curator, Dr. Robin Ruizendaal, is a renowned scholar and author on Chinese puppets and theatre. The Taiyuan ensemble is a tradition-based professional company that utilizes refined modern stage techniques in order to effectively present and preserve the tradition.

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