Past Exhibition:


Curators: Edy Utama, Michael Schuster, Ph.D., Anna Reynolds
Exhibition Design: Lynne Najita, Michael Schuster, Ph.D.
Photography: Edy Utama

The Minangkabau ethnic group, also known as Minang, is indigenous to the
highlands of West Sumatra in Indonesia. this community is traditionally
matrilineal and yet holds strong islamic religious beliefs. this Muslim-matriarchal
dichotomy is central to the Minangkabau people’s identity. From this
unusual interaction,many distinctive customs and rituals have developed.

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Processions are central to the Minang life cycle and ritual. Some scholars
suggest that these various processions are symbolic reenactments of the
young man leaving the matrilineal home and going out into the world and
later returning to his wife’s abode. Minang are still mostly concentrated in
West sumatra but there are also communities in the main urban areas
of Indonesia. This exhibition illustrates the beauty and significance of
processions so characteristic of weddings, funerals, investitures of leaders,
religious ceremonies, and in the performing art form of randai.

Presented by the East-West Center Arts Program, with the cooperation of the Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Hawai’i at Manoa.